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Beautiful, fearless, and unapologetic

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BU -- Beautiful Unapologetically® ultimate goals are to celebrate domestic abuse survivors by providing employment resources and helping them start a new chapter in their lives. We celebrate their stories, as well as honor those who have gained their wings and are forever silenced.

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We are BU

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Just BU

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We are here to provide encouragement and support to women who are beginning new chapters after escaping domestic violence. We honor those who have paid the ultimate price and the loved ones they left behind. These products from BU have been formulated for women of all ages to feel beautiful, fearless, and unapologetic.


Why BU?

Created to support and empower other women, our products are designed to inspire women and liberate them from the fear and suffering of domestic violence.

Portions of the proceeds are donated to Our Safe House, LLC. and other existing Safe Houses. 

What our supporters say...

“When l first tried BU Lite it was just a sample and when l smelled it, my thought was, Oh My Gosh, this
smells so good. When l put it on and allowed it to sync with my body it was a, mmmmmmmmm l smell
so friggin good. I gotta get me some of this! I started wearing it all the time when l went to the market in
sweats you couldn't tell me l wasn't beautiful. When l went to my ceramic class l wore it. When l went to
Lowes (my favorite store) this man l didn't know told me he liked my perfume and l said to him it smells
good doesn't it. He said yes, and l told him l know. Wearing this scent makes me feel beautiful. And
let's not start on how sexy l feel when l get dressed up. BU Lite will forever be my go-to scent.”
-Andre' T
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