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Inspiring and Liberating Women

"There's a mission behind the scent. When a woman looks and feels beautiful, she deserves a scent as equally beautiful."

-Monique Plair, Fragrance Designer and CEO of BU, and Founder of Our Safe House, LLC 

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Meet Monique

Monique A. Plair is a survivor of domestic violence experienced both as a child and later as a military wife. After escaping the situation with her two sons, Monique and her children experienced homeless and other challenges. Monique rose above the difficulties and followed her dream to join the Navy. Since then, Monique was inspired by the help she received from other women to acquire resources for safe housing and more to share with other women suffering from domestic violence.

Our Safe House LLC

Our vision is to lend an opportunity to celebrate the courageous women survivors of domestic abuse, still with us to share their stories, and honor the memories of those who’ve gained their wings and forever silenced.

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