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Image by Joel Muniz
Image by Joel Muniz

What it Means to BU

The BU -- Beautiful Unapologetically® mission is to lend support and encouragement to women who are beginning new chapters after escaping domestic violence, and to honor those who have paid the ultimate price and the loved ones they've left behind. These fragrances from BU have been formulated for women of all ages to feel beautiful, fearless, and unapologetic.

Created to support and empower other women, BU products are designed to inspire women, liberate them from the fear, and suffering in silence from domestic violence. Every step of the way, domestic violence survivors are the focus and the reasons throughout the planning and formulation of these scents.

Portions of the proceeds are donated back to Our Safe House, LLC and other existing Safe Houses, to equip survivors of domestic violence with valuable resources such as enrichment programs, mental health counseling, emergency housing, business attire, and much more.

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